Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Favorite day of the week = Sunday

Why? During NFL season football games all day and what could be better. Also, because of the time I get to spend at church. I love being able to be with the Lord and praise him. I love to sing in public and not worry about my terrible no good singing voice.

Least favorite day of the week = Monday
Why? Well because of days like today.....................

  • First I wake up late and have to rush getting showered. I was 5 minutes late to babysit and I absolutely hate being late.
  • I pour myself a diet coke and for some smart reason decide to put it on the floor. Well, the dog decides to knock the drink over on the carpet. This took many paper towels to clean up.
  • As I was shutting the pantry door throwing all the paper towels away I completely sliced off my whole toe nail :( It was awful and so much pain. I absolutely love my feet (weird I know) and hate when they get dirty. I often spend too much money on pedicures and the worst part is I don't know how long it will take to heal before I can get one.
  • I stop being a baby about my hurt toe and change little Cameron's diaper. Well let's just say he starts to go #2 as I am changing him. I put a diaper back on and patiently wait until he is done. Then I continue to change his diaper and pee goes straight up in the air lands on his face and his very cute outfit.
  • I come home and lean against a chair and it breaks off. I later did find out that it was already like that and was temporarily fixed.
I must say I toughed out my throbbing toe nail and went to Crossfit which made my day much better. Also, coming home to watch this didn't hurt either.

(Image found here)

I need to add that I think he did great and that they continue to score him too low.

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  1. little boys are dangerous like that...hopefully he didn't mess up one of his precious little UK outfits!

    and more importantly, i hope your tuesday was better than monday :)